Why we exist?

THE BRANDING conference is a professional event in Bosnia and Herzegovina that brings together experts with specialized knowledge in the fields of branding, marketing, communications and media. It is the main link between global, European and regional trends.

WE BRING the latest marketing strategies and top-level lecturers. We organize interesting workshops and panel discussions all the while inspiring creative energy and encouraging networking.

WE INITIATE discussions on current topics that focus on strategic planning and goals of companies that actively influence the SEE market.

WE INCLUDE the academic community, educate students, share practical knowledge and experiences and motivate them to involve themselves and become acquainted with professional and future professions.

WE WORK with the goal of establishing ethical standards and principles, fair play markets, and improving advertising professions while strengthening the potential of the creative market.

WE INVEST in the development of the community because we believe in positive changes and community development.