Everything is ready for BK09 / Today we welcome guests at the airport

Ena Radončić, Project Manager, Brending konferencija / Fokus interview What is the main theme of this year’s Branding Conference? The topics that this year’s lecturers will cover are all connected by the common slogan, “Hack the influence”. Although it sounds like it refers exclusively to social media influences, it actually refers to a much more […]

Michela Magas, One of the Most Important Innovators in the World, is Coming to Sarajevo

The news that Sarajevo will host Michela Magas arrived today from the Organizing Committee of the ninth Branding Conference where this world-renowned innovator will hold a lecture. For 20 years, Michela, as a catalyst for innovation, has managed to build bridges between the worlds of science and art, design and technology, academic research and industry. […]

The Program for the Ninth Branding Conference Revealed 

All successful brands have several common features. One of them, the one that will remain intact for all of eternity, is the impact they have made on consumers, subsequently changing their business, but also the world around them for the better. This is precisely why, “Hack the Influence” was chosen as the theme of the […]

Small and big brands no longer exist

Interview: Haris Mujanović, Account Director, Via Media, for Business Magazine Every day you wake up and make the conscious decision to go to the agency and work in communications. That famous #agencylife – which is well known for being demanding and fast-paced. We wonder why? What are the main reasons you are in this industry? […]

Meet Will Rust, a creative thinker who made Pandora jewelry irresistible to women all across the globe

The best guarantee that you will find inspiration and discover new creative spaces to transform your business thinking at this year’s Branding Conference is none other than Will Rust. He is a man who exclusively follows his heart, and this time, his heart is leading him to Sarajevo. This is no coincidence. A man who […]

Meet Mark Shyler, a man that gives international companies added value through provocative ideas

You need to do better things, not simply do things better. You need to find your own authentic tone of communication. You need to consistently create and provoke for a useful purpose. What else is needed for a company to achieve business success and what do these seemingly simple recommendations mean? That will be best […]

Creative guru Mihnea Gheorghiu, the author of the hit campaign that showcases influencers in a new light, is coming to Branding Conference 09

Have you seen the new Diesel campaign in which influencers are the main focus but in a completely different and unexpected way? If you haven’t, you should! The author of the campaign is Mihnea Gheorgiu, the creative director of Publicis Italy, and the approach he chose to adopt together with his team was to portray […]

Great opportunity for young creative industry professionals in BiH

This year, all agency and independent professionals under the age of 30 will once again have the opportunity to show the creative industry elite in Cannes their talent and skills. 2019 will mark the third year since the Branding Conference, as part of a partnership with the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival, will organize the Young […]

Branding Conference 09: “Hack the influence”

The theme and location of the ninth Branding Conference revealed Although in recent years “influencers” have become a popularized norm, history is no stranger to the numerous amounts of influences that have left a mark on the emotions, opinions, attitudes and behaviors of mankind. Some created artistic direction, others promoted science, some of them even […]

Famous World Designer Karim Rashid for Design is for People, not for Museums

Source: “People on average touch 600 items a day, and their potential to help us or bring us joy is enormous. Designers have the power to shape a better and smarter world, to simplify, but also inspire every individual’s life, to make quality and beautiful products available to everyone, “says Karim at the beginning […]