Branding Conference 09: “Hack the influence”

29 Apr 2019

The theme and location of the ninth Branding Conference revealed

Although in recent years “influencers” have become a popularized norm, history is no stranger to the numerous amounts of influences that have left a mark on the emotions, opinions, attitudes and behaviors of mankind. Some created artistic direction, others promoted science, some of them even started wars. One influence, however, is constant,  and that is the influnece that took products and turned them into brands.

This is precisely why the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina will make the perfect location for the ninth Branding Conference that will take place this year on May 31st.

The slogan of this year’s Branding Conference, “Hack the Influence”, is not an attempt to master the skills of social media influencing. At this year’s conference, worldwide experts will instead discuss a more complex concept of “influence”, one that forms brands with a stance.

Branding Conference 09 will reveal a major transformation in business thinking, based on the principles of creating common values ​​between brands and consumers and solving the needs and challenges of society with which they connect and create new values.

This year, distinguished experts and big-name lecturers will present ideas and ways in which you can build a relationship between brand and consumer, all the while building an impressionable influence. They will also discuss how and why you need to form a brand with a solid stance, and the risks of doing so.

“Hack the influence” will be presented to the public through the perspective of Mark Shayler, owner of the company APE in the United Kingdom and an outstanding “business transformer”, Mihnea Gheorghiu, Creative Director of Publicis Italy, a rebel with a cause with a long list of awards for his creative work, and Ravid Kuperberg, founder and partner at Mindscapes in Israel, one of the best trainers for creative thinking.

In a special part of the program, as part of a partnership with the prestigious Cannes Lions festival, the winners of the Young Lions BiH competition will once again be announced. This competition is being held for the third year in a row and is a great opportunity for all young agency and independent professionals to present their skills and talent to the creative industry elite in Cannes. This years Young Lions will create creative solutions for the humanitarian organization UNICEF, and the best will win the GRAND PRIX in the amount of 10,000 KM.

It is not unusual that these types of events be held in such venues, seeing as though museums are used to highlight and expose the best of its time to the general public. This is why, on May 31st, at the ninth Branding Conference, you will also be able to attend an exhibition depicting the creative thoughts of some of today’s biggest names in the marketing industry. No encore exhibition will take place, but early bird passes can be bought today at www.branding.ba.