Meet Mark Shyler, a man that gives international companies added value through provocative ideas

08 May 2019

You need to do better things, not simply do things better. You need to find your own authentic tone of communication. You need to consistently create and provoke for a useful purpose. What else is needed for a company to achieve business success and what do these seemingly simple recommendations mean? That will be best explained by their author, Mark Shayler, who will be one of the key speakers at the ninth annual Branding Conference on the 31st of May.

This “brand provocateur” as he calls himself, or “business transformer”, as he is called by others, is coming to us from England to share knowledge from his 25 years of professional experience, working with some of the largest international companies including, Samsung, Amazon and…is there even a need to go on? He did, however, sometimes work pro bono for hundreds of small companies with the same passion and ambition, as he believes that large companies have much to learn from the smaller ones. No matter the size of the company, he has been teaching them all how to make their products better, innovative and more sustainable for two and a half decades.

Shayler completely changes the way you think about your job, and how you do it. That’s why he has helped his clients save over 120 billion pounds, which unofficially ranks him amongst the best and most influential economists in the world. He is able to focus on things more important than money, because to him, money only has collateral benefit. However, Shayler knows very well how to bring these benefits to himself and others.  Nevertheless, “make use of yourself” by coming to Shayler’s lecture, as he has every intention of unselfishly sharing his knowledge and secrets with you. He simply doesn’t know otherwise. Through his altruism, he often exceeds the boundaries of business and economics and only interests himself with things that will be useful to all of mankind.  However, we have to warn you, Mark Shayler does have some flaws. He is stubborn and disruptive. He will “disrupt” your plans and turn your world upside down. He will shake the foundation of your business and provoke you to the point of leaving all your previous rules behind. This will result in the fact that you will not be able to prevent change; change in yourself, your business, and even in the world around you.

This year, Branding Conference will focus on the topic, “Hack the influence”, and Mark himself is the literal answer to the question “how to achieve significant business impact”. So, be courageous and let Shyler’s ideas bring you benefits that you could never have dreamed of. Register for the ninth Branding Conference now at www.branding.ba.