Meet Will Rust, a creative thinker who made Pandora jewelry irresistible to women all across the globe

10 May 2019

The best guarantee that you will find inspiration and discover new creative spaces to transform your business thinking at this year’s Branding Conference is none other than Will Rust. He is a man who exclusively follows his heart, and this time, his heart is leading him to Sarajevo. This is no coincidence. A man who swims with sharks, surfs, and knows all the best hitchhiking routes, he also knows how to follow his intuition. Besides, we’re sure that Will will capture your heart because he already captured the hearts of women all over the globe.

This adventurer and freelance creator comes from San Diego, a city of natural wonders, so it’s no surprise that his professional opus is completely sprinkled with nature. His incredible creativity paved the way for clients such as NASA, Phillips, Tuborg, and IBM, for which he thought up campaigns that won only the most prestigious of awards at festivals such as Cannes Lions, D&Ad, Clio, and others.

Because of the above mentioned, and also because of things that have been left unsaid, Will Rust can definitely teach us how to remain a child, or at least how to once again become a child at this year’s Branding Conference.  In his opinion, this is essential to creativity. And in case you don’t agree with him, Will has something to say to you; you’re a ‘big, stinky elephant.’ 🙂

This, some will say ‘childish’ method, wasn’t a problem for Pandora, one of the world’s largest women’s jewelry brands, where Will currently finds himself as Director of Brand Design. That says a lot about the brand, but also a lot about Will. What is most important to us is that Will, through Pandora, has found a secret way to the hearts of many women across the globe, and we’re certain that everyone wants to hear this secret.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet Will, because he – through his spirit, approach, knowledge, and experience – is able to show you landscapes that you have never seen before and to teach you how to build a new method to get your brand closer to your audience. Your pass for the creative playground where you will have the opportunity to meet this “childish” thinker is waiting for you at www.branding.ba. If for some reason, you can’t make it to the Branding Conference on May 31st, there is hope that you meet Will Rust hitchhiking, on a mountain, or somewhere swimming with sharks, because after all, it’s a small world.