Michela Magas, One of the Most Important Innovators in the World, is Coming to Sarajevo

24 May 2019

The news that Sarajevo will host Michela Magas arrived today from the Organizing Committee of the ninth Branding Conference where this world-renowned innovator will hold a lecture.

For 20 years, Michela, as a catalyst for innovation, has managed to build bridges between the worlds of science and art, design and technology, academic research and industry. She is the only woman born in Croatia, who has ever been admitted to the Royal College of Art, and she later crowned her academic career with a doctorate at Goldsmiths, University of Music and Technology in London.

Because of the incredible patents that she developed, she caught the attention of many world brands. However, she chose to work with only the best, including the Financial Times, Nike, Apple, and Nokia. It is very likely that her innovations, that were a result of these collaborations, have already made a significant impact on our lives, even if we’re not aware of it.

She is endlessly dedicated to the fusion of science and art, and throughout her career, Michela discovered that by placing culture and creativity at the center of the community, a much faster transfer of knowledge can be achieved, and hence the development of innovation. She believes that music is a “social glue” and that it is able to combine seemingly incompatible fields of social action. For her contribution, ideas, and innovations, that have moved borders, in 2017, she received the EU Woman Innovators Award. She founded the Music Tech Fest, a traveling festival that gathers countless music publishers, innovators, and researchers every year. She also participated in the establishment of the innovative design laboratory ‘Stromatolite’, a company that works to improve concepts such as iTunes and the like.

At the ninth annual Branding Conference, which will be held in Sarajevo on May 31ST, Michela will present her vision of innovation and entrepreneurship in the European Union and demonstrate the methodology she has developed to create a successful global innovation ecosystem. “Hack the influence” is the slogan of this year’s conference, with Michela’s lectures appropriately being titled “Hack the Innovation”. Inasfar as you do not want to miss meeting this incredible woman, quickly go check on branding.ba if there’s a vacant spot at the Historical Museum of BiH waiting for you.