Creative guru Mihnea Gheorghiu, the author of the hit campaign that showcases influencers in a new light, is coming to Branding Conference 09

07 May 2019

Have you seen the new Diesel campaign in which influencers are the main focus but in a completely different and unexpected way? If you haven’t, you should!

The author of the campaign is Mihnea Gheorgiu, the creative director of Publicis Italy, and the approach he chose to adopt together with his team was to portray individual impact, the relationship between brand and consumer, and the image of influencers in a completely different way than what we’ve become accustomed to.

Just when everyone wants to become a social media influencer and when companies and creative agencies are analyzing the impact of influencers on a macro and micro level, Mihnea decided to present this phenomenon from another angle. You have to admit that the campaign was done to perfection and that many of us where left thinking about the real-life burdens imposed on us by social media networks. This campaign inspired us to re-examine just how glamorous the everyday life of influencers really are.

In a series of several video commercials, featuring the largest social media clichés, Mihnea presented the problems faced by popular influencers, implying between the lines, that life could be far simpler if we stopped putting pressure on ourselves by striving to be “somebody or something” on social media. This campaign instead suggests that we should enjoy the simple things in life because no matter how popular you become on social media, the real power lies in the hands of the follower.

We definitely recommend that on March 31st at this year’s Branding Conference, you do not miss the opportunity to meet this creative guru, as he’s popularly known by everyone who has had the pleasure of working with him.  The least we can expect from him is creative enlightenment, inspiration goes without saying. So, reserve your place in the front row today at www.branding.ba.