Everything is ready for BK09 / Today we welcome guests at the airport

30 May 2019

Ena Radončić, Project Manager, Brending konferencija / Fokus interview

What is the main theme of this year’s Branding Conference?

The topics that this year’s lecturers will cover are all connected by the common slogan, “Hack the influence”. Although it sounds like it refers exclusively to social media influences, it actually refers to a much more complex concept. We will not talk about social media influencers, instead, we will discuss the impact that lies in the principle of creating shared value in the brand-to-consumer relationship. Last year we concluded that a new era of marketing has was upon us, one that is tailored by man, and this year we want to explore the best ways to solve challenges and meet the needs of society in which brands can connect and with which they can build new, unique values.

What can we expect from speakers at this year’s Branding Conference?

We have selected the best world experts in the field of marketing and communication, who will unselfishly share their knowledge and with whom we will jointly present new trends and values, that make up the basic precondition for success. That being said, coming to Sarajevo are Will Rust, a creative guru, and Mark Shayler, a business transformer, though I would like to single out the only lady in this year’s program; Michela Magaš, one of the most renowned innovators in the world and winner of the EU Woman Innovators Award. During her lecture, she will share with the audience why she thinks creativity is the heart of innovation and reveal how the combination of art and creativity, design and technology, create innovations that move borders.

What inspired you to choose the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the location of this year’s Branding Conference?

When you’re in this industry, moving boundaries becomes the starting point from which we develop each new idea. We followed the flow of our thoughts and ideas through the map of Sarajevo, and when we realized that time, that is, history, is the best indicator and evidence of influences that have left a deep mark on humanity, the question answered itself. History has only remained to testify to all the influential figures who have changed and built society. Some created artistic directions, promoted science, some waged wars, but there were also those that turned products into brands. That is why we believe that the Historical Museum of BiH and the ninth Branding Conference have many things in common. It will be the perfect combination for our “exhibition of thoughts”, that is, the perfect platform for the ingenious minds of today’s marketing industry.

One of the most exciting segments of the Branding Conference is the Young Lions Competition. Will it differ from previous years with regards to the prize expected by the winners?

This competition is truly the most beautiful part of the Branding Conference. Primarily because the opportunity it provides to young people, who can measure their strength with colleagues from all over the world, all in front of the eyes of the biggest names of the marketing industry. Winners of the BiH competition, our young lions, will win a prize worth 10,000 KM, that is, accommodation, air tickets and registration fees for the international creative competition in Cannes. This year, apart from young agency professionals, the competition is open to independent professionals from other industries, in the areas of Design, Digital, and PR.

Is everything ready for the 31st of May? Are there any available passes?

Preparations are in the final stages, all we have left to do is wait for our marketing industry world stars to arrive at Sarajevo airport and choose our show-stopping outfits for the conference. As for available passes, there is always the possibility that someone will cancel last minute, so I advise everyone to check branding.ba. if they want their chance to participate.