Mark Shayler

[ Ape ]

Company: Ape

Position: Partner

Years of branding, design and advertising experience: 26

He says he still hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up.
Until he makes his life changing final decision, he spends his time helping the world’s largest companies think as if they are the little guys, and the smallest companies think as if they are the big guys, all through new business models which have helped his clients save over 120 billion pounds. He regrets not charging percentually. At the heart of his business in the deep conviction that it’s more important to better things than to simply do things better. Throughout his career, he has helped redesign almost everything, from packaging, to products, houses and even honey pots.
He is the author of a book that explains how brands can change the status quo or in the contrary, become the status quo. When he is not working with brands the like of Nike, Samsung, and Coca-Cola, in his free time he tends to his chickens, ducks and children (not against his own free will may we add).

My super power is: Helping people and companies find their authentic voice.

If I could be any brand, I would be: The NHS.

My biggest fear is: Losing my ability to move.

My life philosophy is: It’s not sufficient to do things better, we need to do better things.

You are heading to the desert island, what will you bring: Sunscreen, swimming shorts, goggles.


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