Nermin Nino Kasupović

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Company: NDM Agency

Position: Creative Director

Years of branding, design and advertising experience: 13+ years

Nino comes to us from Bihac, just like the last Mohican in the advertising industry from the Una-Sana Canton. There he managed to establish the first specialized brand design agency. Not only did he establish the agency, but he keeps it alive by working with clients from around the globe. In addition to the agency, five years ago he launched the Creative Communications Festival «Creative Republic» an event that brings together eminent names from the communications industry in the Adriatic region. Nino is always among the best of company, so its no surprise that this year he is one of our Young Lions BiH jury members.

My super power is: When I look at a deadline, I can easily convince my team that we can do it.

If I could be any brand, I would be: ‘Braško’, simple without unnecessary add-ons.

My biggest fear is: That I will not be the best version of myself for my daughters.

My life philosophy is: Beginning is the most important part of work. The end result will be the best possible result if you truly want it to be.

What would you bring with you to a desert island: I’m bringing my dream team because everything is easier when they’re around.


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